Expanding Access to Families in Need Through Common-Sense Housing Affordability Solutions

Generations of Washingtonians are being left behind with the run on affordable housing and it’s time we did more about it. Whether it’s through expanding the Housing Production Trust Fund, tax abatements or working with developers and equity partners to expand access to affordable housing we must do a better job of ensuring safe, clean affordable housing for all.

Creating an economy that works for all

DC has experienced unprecedented economic growth, but more and more working class families and small businesses cannot afford to live in the city they have built. Unsustainable rent increases are causing many restaurants and businesses to close. Rick will be a Councilmember who leads with bold actions to ensure longstanding residents can afford to live, build and thrive in the District. Rick will fight for programs that ensures a livable wage and benefit businesses that hire and promote locally. 

Supporting opportunity for youth and the professionals that power our city

Every child has a right to a quality education no matter what neighborhood they are from in the city. Our teachers, police, fire/EMS professionals are the backbone of our city. If they no longer can afford to live here, our city no longer is a place that welcomes everyone. The diversity and charm that made DC unique is being lost due to gentrification and rising costs.

Prioritizing our service-members and veterans

As a U.S. Army Veteran, Rick understands the critical role service members and veterans play in uplifting our communities. We need to ensure that city resources in the form of small business loans, grants and other services help veterans to transition into sustainable careers. My plan will place an emphasis on providing quality health care to all, particularly service members who may suffer from mental health challenges. 

Bringing accountability back to elected officials and District government agencies

The DC Council should reflect the people’s interests not just the well-connected. From challenges getting building properly inspected to cleaning up our streets, District residents deserve a government that works for everyone. There are so many resources that are not being utilized in our city.  Rick wants to incorporate violence interrupters and community organizations to stem the growing tide of violent crime in the District.